Want to close the gender pay gap? Start with more women in Stem

Tripling women in computing, alone, could massively boost female earnings – but for real equality, retention needs to be a priority.

From today onwards, women in the UK will effectively be working for free until the end of the year, according to calculations on the gender pay gap by the Fawcett Society. This is one day later than last year, but it’s still a shocking statistic.

The gender pay gap has narrowed by almost 10% since measurement began in 1997, but it’s plateaued during the past few years. Efforts to reduce it have long focused on the need to encourage more women into generally higher-paid Stem careers, where they make up just 14.4% of the workforce. Of all science, technology, engineering and maths-related jobs, tech presents a high level of gender segregation, with only 19% female computer science graduates.

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