Five ways to use language skills to boost your career

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“Don’t downplay multilingual skills

Resigned to a short sentence shoved at the bottom of CVs, downplaying language skills is a common mistake.

Emphasise transferable skills

Speaking a foreign language has been shown to improve the functionality of your brain by challenging it to recognise, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems.

Seek out opportunities to network internationally

Taking up a language can help give you a focus and an edge over your peers if you are working in a global organisation. If your clients are from a particular country, learning their language won’t just help with understanding their emails – but will also build a personal connection.

Ask your boss for opportunities to speak another language

Languages are a great way to become invaluable to your employer, especially as more and more businesses are being bought out by foreign companies.

Consider working abroad

Even if you don’t want to live abroad forever, a few years living and working in a different country looks great on your CV and can help you get jobs that involve travel. “Being able to speak many languages enables you to travel and work abroad with confidence,” says McNeil-Kornevall.”

Source: Nicola Slawson – The Guardian – Monday 9th November